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    Reviewed by Phoebe

    Hi there, Pheobe here. I just received my Citrus Almond Lip Scrub and it's absolutely wonderful! I'm totally in love! It is so effective and has completely removed the dry, yucky skin from my lips and has left them smooth and soft and the tube is so convenient and such a great idea. The shipping time was unbelievable, it came so quickly! And the packaging and inclusion of the lime coconut tester and little sweet was so precious and has made me really appreciate the opportunity to shop online and be able to access amazing products like yours from all the way here in little old New Zealand, thank you SO much!!! Xx


    Reviewed by Alex

    I LOVE THIS LIP BALM!! It feel so luxurious on your lips and imparts a nice pinky sheen that's very subtle. The smell is delightful and the packaging is too cute. I love how the seller included a free sample AND candy! Will definitely be re-purchasing :)


    Reviewed by michael 

    Quick shipping, very sweet scent


    Reviewed by Angelica

    Awesome I love it :)


    Reviewed by Erin

    • Super fast shipping. Beautiful, sheer brick red color. Nice flavor too. 
    • Great, fun item for a shower gift.


    Reviewed by Kymberlyn

    It came and I love it! Rich and creamy and my lips are happy! It had melted slightly in transit but that just means no chemical binders holding together. And who doesn't like roses and chocolate? Yum!


    Reviewed by DAWN

    • I love the smell, consistency and color of this product. It's great for your lips and your cheeks!
    • Lovely color and the scent reminds me of my childhood for some reason. Wonderful product and great customer service!


    Reviewed by Samantha 

    Great stuff! Thanks for quick delivery!


    Reviewed by Olivia

    Such a beautiful color on any skin tone!


    Reviewed by Brittini 

    Smells wonderful, works great and leaves my skin feeling so soft and refreshed; buying from seller again!


    Reviewed by Ruth

    Great lil balms to have in your pocket, bedside, car etc

    Feels great. Arrived quickly. LOVE it!


    Reviewed by elenafair

    Great color, thanks! Good consistency too.


    Reviewed by Ann 

    yummy! and so soothing....I have sensitive/dry skin, esp. my lips. This balm is wonderful. Very moisturizing and does not irritate. Thanks for a great product...I will be back for more!


    Reviewed by Mallory

    Love it and so does my friend. Thanks !!


    Reviewed by Ophelia06285 

    • This one's so good I wish I bought two. Thanks!
    • I love both the smell and description for this one. Thanks!
    • Reminds me of Thanksgiving. Thanks!
    • This smells so great I wish I could eat it. Thanks!
    • Lovely smell, nice texture, and quick shipping. Thanks!


    Reviewed by seashakenhouse

    Arrived quickly and with a coupon for holiday purchases. The formula is almost like a cream lipstick rather than a balm but it goes on very smoothly and the scent and color are great. Really love it as a blush too.


    Reviewed by Jahmi

    Awesome product!! Love it! Also, shipped out super quick!!


    Reviewed by Soren

    the smell is absolutely fantastic.


    Reviewed by Priya

    Loved the quality of these things, the fast shipping, and the customer service I received. There was even a sample lip balm (full size!), a lollipop, a coupon, and a personal message!


    Reviewed by Amy Elizabeth

    My new favorite lip balm!


    Reviewed by spola

    • love it, smells so good and works awesome
    • so awesome...can't live without this lip balm
    • ymmm smells like fall. Thank you
    • Love love love! thank you


    Reviewed by Laci

    Arrived on time and well packaged.... Smells lovely and I always appreciate handmade, good quality ingredients!


    Reviewed by Andrea

    Got the item so quickly! I love how this lip balm feels when I put it on, I will absolutely be ordering more.


    Reviewed by MEL

    • BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I LOVE IT ! Thank you so much!
    • Smells amazing!
    • Cute!
    • AMAZING the color is great on your lips! :)


    Reviewed by Rebecca

    • Love this stuff. Great flavor and works well.
    • Great flavor and I like the super subtle creamy color.
    • Great color and flavor AND I'm not allergic to it (I can't wear lipstick usually) which is awesome!
    • Love this flavor. It came super quickly and is as yummy as it sounds!


    Reviewed by Jennifer

    a really delicious lip balm, not greasy or fatty, just lovely and smooth with a really nice natural flavour, thank you


    Reviewed by M

    So tasty! Great seller with super quick response about ingredients. Thanks!


    Reviewed by leaniepi

    • There aren't enough good things I can say about this delectable, delicious, and luxurious lip balm. I'm going to be sad when July is over, because this is by far my favorite. It tastes great, and I love how smoothly it goes on, and it stays for a long time.
    • This balm tastes and smells fantastic. I would suggest using the sugar scrub before you put it on for the smoothest application. The color isn't overwhelming, so no worries!
    • I love this lip scrub! It tastes great (come on sugar and citrus?), and leave your lips feeling soft and smooth. The price is fantastic. You only need a little, so this stuff will last awhile.


    Reviewed by Archaeologygal

    Lots of lovely tint in this balm and it goes on smoothly. My lips feel soft and look pretty. Thank you!


    Reviewed by smallgreendemon

    • Great stuff! I got it right away (and it did not melt in shipping). The color is really nice and it smells good but not too strong. Also, I'm allergic to almost everything (nearly every lotion available) and can't stand the smell of lipstick, but have been wearing it almost every day and had no problems, which is really awesome. Please keep making it!
    • Fabulous! I got it right away; this is my second order and I still love it. I use tiny amounts of it as bronzer, pretty much every day (and use it as a lip tint sometimes too!). My excessively allergic skin is doing very well with it (much less and zero irritation). Really wonderful!


    Reviewed by Ariel

    Great! Thanks so much. :)


    Reviewed by Dani

    Fast shipping! Haven't tested since it is a gift for my brother, but I am sure he will love it! :)


    Reviewed by Marlin

    Amazing color!!!Thanks! I love it :) Thanks for the sample :)


    Reviewed by Calla

    fast shipping, great product. thank you for the extras


    Reviewed by Rebecca

    Love everything we've sampled. Will definitely be back fore when they're gone. Thanks! (And thanks for the bonus sample and treat for my girls :)


    Reviewed by Ellesy (http://www.petitepearstyle.com/)

    this is my favourite item in the october seasonsbox! i am really enjoying this lip balm - it goes on buttery smooth, and i love the oval shape... it smells incredible and has no flavour.


    Reviewed by alyssa

    Great color and scent! Thanks!





    Reviewed by Kendall (http://designandkindness.blogspot.com/)

    Pumpkin. Cider. Warm Spices. What's not to love about this vegan-friendly lip loveliness?








    From the February 2014 Vegan Cuts Subscription Box (vegancuts.com):


    I got pickles and ice cream. It's such a fun idea for a scent. My sister is preggers, and I may buy her some for her baby shower. My lips feel great when I use it.

    I love the mint truffle lip balm! It tastes great and has a cooling effect. I use it every night before bed.

    Fantastic combination. Use sparingly... A little goes a LONG WAY.

    Glad I got the mint one:) I like it.

    Got Pickles & Ice Cream and love it!

    Its lovely - texture is smooth and not too heavy and the flavor is divine. I put it on every morning with my makeup.

    Got the Pickles and Ice Cream flavor. It reminds me of scratch and sniff stickers from my childhood!

    I got Molly Rose Pickles & Ice Cream Lip Balm. I like the idea of scent. When I just received it, Chicago was freezing cold and I kept lip balm in pocket of my jacket, it worked good.

    I got the Mint Truffle and it was such a yummy smell. I think my husband used this a few times :P

    LOVE IT!

    I got the pickles one and it's a really nice lip balm. It's not sticky at all and it feels like it's not even there, which I love. Seems quite moisturizing too.

    Love it! Can't wait to try more.

    I got the Mint Truffle lip balm and my boyfriend loves it! I haven't tried it yet but it smells great and seemed to work wonders for him. Vegan lip balms are also very difficult to find at the store (I've gone through the Whole Foods selection 10+ times. The closest lip balm I found contained actual silk?!). I'm excited to use this one in the future.

    I had the pickles and ice cream and it was a great combo! Very smooth, moisturizing and great smelling/tasting.

    I love coconut oil! And the mint just makes it 10 times better.

    I love the mint truffle!! Smells really good!

    I love the Mint Truffle. I will likely buy this when I run out.

    I received Mint Truffle Lip Balm and I liked it. Moisturizing w/subtle mint.

    Loved the pickles and ice cream I received the Mint Truffle and I loved it! It glides on so easily.

    Love how it feels on my lips!

    I received the pickles and ice cream and it was quite interesting.

    I will definitely buy it again

    Like Pickles and Ice Cream a lot!

    Love it.

    It feels great on my lips.

    I tried it once just to see as I am trying to get through some older lip balms I have. I received the Pickles and Ice cream which is what I was hoping for because of its unique flavour. I am a huge fan of pickles so I love the smell. Its creamy and nice, excited to start using it.

    loved it (mint truffle)

    Love it! The smell is fantastic and the texture is great.

    I was very excited to have the decadent Mint Truffle lip balm in my beauty box and as an serial lip balm user (never leave home without it!) I am really pleased with it's light moisturizing application and yummy scent!

    Love it. I would like to try the pickle one too!!

    I got the mint truffle and it was really nice. I'd love to try the pickles and ice cream!

    so yummy!

     I must say that the packaging is awesome :)

    The mint truffle balm is very nice and emollient.

    Love it. Moisturizing.

    Mint Truffle was awesome.

    Nice quality, clever product.

    The consistency is great. Super long on the lips but seems to be moisturizing,

    The mint truffle was wonderful. I use it.....a lot. Like enough that I may need to buy more in the next few days!

    it was soothing and long lasting.

    This is my absolute favorite lip balm of all time at the moment. Not even kidding. The pickles and ice cream one.

    Perfect balm.

    pickles & ice cream. I was so skeptical about this. but now I can't stop putting it on. which is probably one of the best things I could say about a beauty product.

    This lip balm is awesome, love the flavor

    It smells heavenly and I really think the ice cream and pickle combination is so funny!

    This one was another one of my favorites. Great smell, I want to try more flavors

    Pickles is a strange scent but it's interesting and nice on my lips.

    So wonderful & hydrating & has an amazing flavor!

    The mint truffle lip balm smelled good, and it felt particularly moisturizing to me.

    This stuff works well.

    Yum yum yum! I live in the snowy and cold northeast, so tasty and effective lip balms are a must. This is now in my permanent purse rotation.

    A great feeling product.

    Very interesting, but I enjoyed it.

    This was really nice; it had a unique flavor.

    Thumbs up for this too.

    I'm glad I got the Mint Truffle! Cool packaging - I like that it's flatter, since I often carry lip balm in my pocket and this one won't be as noticeable there due to its shape.

    We received the Mint Truffle lip balm; I love it, and use it daily. Still curious to try the Pickles & Ice Cream, so we might have to pick that one up. It smells and feels great, and has held up to our nasty Canadian winter.


    Very interesting concept as well as the smell.

    ~~updated 3/21/14